It turns out those stereotypes about Amarillo being a cow town are true.

If you like to hit the open road, travel, and explore new places then there is a good chance you have heard of "Offbeat Travel". They are known for their books about travel destinations with a fresh look written by real travelers along with great tips and tricks on how to save money while traveling.

This past week, the website showed Amarillo some love by placing us on their list of "Top 10 True Western Towns". Their description of Amarillo said:

Amarillo, Texas, is a vibrant and fun destination for travelers who enjoy western heritage at its finest. This super friendly city is loaded with exciting attractions, natural beauty, excellent restaurants and an offbeat museum or two.

Their write up included information about the American Quarter House Museum, the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Space Theater, Palo Duro Canyon and of course fun facts about Historic Route 66.

To see full article and learn more about our friends at click here!

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