Imagine this, You're just minding your own business and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a garbage truck about to get compacted. For one man that was the very real situation he found himself in earlier this morning in the 3100 block of SW 6th.

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Say What?!

The gentleman who happened to be in the truck is fine, he was taken to the hospital this morning for minor injuries but it brings up so many questions... who is this guy? what was he doing in a dumpster, we already know the where and when part. and obviously the why was he in there?

Now APD puts out a pretty simple story here:

 “The city employee picked up the dumpster and dumped it into his truck and began compacting the trash. The male then jumped out of the top of the trash truck and landed back in the dumpster. He then ran off down the alley.”

And then... there's the driver of the truck... just trying to make their way though this thing called life. Granted it's not the best job in the world, but it pays the bills. Then this guy comes along to give him the "WTH" moment of his life.

This guy has to have B**S of steel with amazing cat reflexes. or just be in a bad place...


First off where you got to be to find refuge in a dumpster clearly cant be a good place.  Yes there are those who life may have kicked around more than you or me. I'm not judging this guy at all. You have to do what you can to survive and if its cold and wet outside a dumpster makes a pretty good weather break. Or maybe it was just someone looking for buried treasure, There are plenty of folks who take on dumpsters for scrap, cans and even food that gets thrown out that may not be so bad. (I'll pass).

Give the guy credit where credit is due... If I got tossed into a garbage truck I don't think my reaction time would be nearly what his was. Maybe it's one of those things when life and death is on the line, we are truly capable of amazing things. Dunno if I'll get to meet this fellow... but first round is on me.

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