Every Halloween kids load up on tons of candy.  I'm sure last night was no different.  Well if you are wanting to do something awesome and get rid of some of that candy, Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry is doing a candy buy back.

As a mom, nothing makes me happier than to see my son's face as he collects tons of candy on Halloween.  At the same time I cringe at the thought that he has that much candy to eat.  Here is a solution-sell it!

Every year Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry host a buy back event for the community.  It happens today from 3pm to 6 pm at 2455 I-40 West.  They pay $2 per pound and have a lot of fun happening like face painting and crime stoppers making child id's.

They will buy up to three pounds per person.  So what are they going to do with all this candy that they buy?  Send it overseas to the troops.  They think this is a great way to give a special treat to all the troops serving our country.  At the same time, they are thinking about all the kid's teeth.

You can get rid of some of that candy and do an amazing thing for our troops.  The troops are always grateful for care packages and you can help send them something sweet!  So stop on by for the 5th annual candy buy back at Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry!

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