It's that time of year again.  Kids have collected a ton of candy from all their Fall festivals and trunk or treats, and of course Halloween night.

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They bring it home and dump it in a pile in the living room. It's more candy than any child can handle. You think how in the heck are we going to eat all this candy? You can't! You have many choices when it comes to this mountain of candy, you can let your kids eat as much candy as they can handle, or you can let them have a normal amount and encourage them to get rid of the rest of it and make some money.

The candy buyback returns with the Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Each year, APDO hosts a candy buyback event.

The APDO Buyback event will be on Friday, November 3rd.  It will take place at their office located at 8900 E. Village Square.  The event will be from 3-6 pm.  They will be buying back candy at $2 per pound up to 3 pounds.

This annual event includes games, prizes and a ton of fun for all involved.

The best part of the candy buy back is that the candy won't go to waste. The candy will be sent to our troops for them to enjoy. It's the perfect opportunity for the kids to get a little extra money. You get the candy out of the house. Your kids get to have some fun at the event and pick up some money, and our troops will get to enjoy some yummy treats.

Don't miss out, that's this Friday, November 3rd from 3-6 pm. Get rid of the Halloween candy, just to prepare for all the Christmas candy that is coming in the near future.

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