Officer Justin Scherlen died just a few weeks ago. To show their support for his family, APD did something truly special for Scherlen's kids.

Officer Scherlen passed away after he sustained injuries while on duty in 2015. He had been called out and was driving to a scene when a Jeep crossed the median and struck his vehicle.

Sherlen's son, Jackson, is starting pre-K this year. Since his dad couldn't be there to send him off, several Amarillo police officers surprised Jackson at his school with hugs and words of encouragement.

Here is the video Amarillo ISD shared on their Twitter:

Not only was this an emotional day for the Scherlen family, but the officers who worked and were friends with Justin felt the weight of his loss, as well.

This story has gone viral, making its way to Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio. People have been sharing the video on Facebook, hoping to draw attention to the thoughtful act of police officers here in Amarillo.

Please feel free to share this story and send it even farther!

Thank you to the officers and all law enforcement for their service.

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