According to a social media post from the Mayor earlier today, Amarillo's public libraries will be closing. This is just one of the latest examples of how everyday life is changing due to the COVID-19 crisis.

On March 22, the libraries will close their doors to the public. If you have something checked out, it will now be due on April 30.

If you are wanting to check something out so you have something to read while you're home, they will be doing curbside pickup. You can call the library or use their website to place a hold on an item. It will be ready within a couple of hours for you to pick up.

For more info, see the Mayor's post below.

Mayor Nelson also has given updates on utility billing, and all face-to-face interactions at city offices.

Utility billing offices are closed, but you are encouraged to contact them by phone or make use of the billing website. Mayor Nelson also listed phone numbers for all city offices so you can call instead of going in person. See the posts below.


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