Running red light is a very dangerous we all know that, but most of us probably have ran though one even when the light is yellow turning red. I know I gone though that then couple weeks later you get ticket in the mail for running that red light, because you forgot there was camera at that intersection.Now the Amarillo City Commission must appoint a resident advisory committee soon, because the contract for all the red light cameras in the city is soon to expire for American Traffic Solutions.Well the commissioners expressed interest in not only renewing the contract, but to expand by adding cameras at more intersections to nab more red-light runners. Well the program has produced almost $3.8 million in revenue and has paid American Traffic Solutions nearly $1.5 million and uses at least $240,874 to cover police time spent reviewing captured violations and to pay administrative, processing and mailing costs. Then additional $66,589 to pursue fine collections. The $1.98 million the city's netted an amount it must split evenly with the state which the  law dictates that cities only spend red-light camera revenue on traffic safety projects. Now each commissioner must appoint one member to the new resident advisory committee, but they said "they probably would select committee candidates from the city’s already-established Traffic Commission".Then the group is to advise the city commission on traffic safety, laws and policies.

Now if I was part of this Committee I would not let them expand the project, because the police should hand out tickets not a camera, but most of us learn our lessons after the first time trying to beat the light after getting the ticket. Then I hear that paying the red light ticket is voluntary,because of the law so what does that say about the future with red-light camera?

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