I did a post a couple days ago about the new laws that the city of Amarillo wanted to bring into effect. The ban on texting in the city limits and the approval of the red light cameras on more intersections throughout the city.Amarillo residents have two chances to tell city commissioners whether they support a citywide ban on handheld cellphones while driving. There will be a public comment period during the Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 commission meetings.

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” commercials have largely persuaded the mayor  to support a complete ban within city limits. Hands-free phone alternatives, including wireless headsets, are appropriate, and are relatively inexpensive options. Commissioners agreed the city must support a widespread public education campaign about any proposed ordinance, citing the success of seat- belt campaign. Like the seat belt law, an officer needs only to see a driver with a phone in hand to stop the car.

In other news, commissioners unanimously approved a five-year extension to the city’s red-light cameras contract. The vote also authorizes automatic renewals of the contract, which expires Aug. 29, for subsequent five-year periods unless it is terminated. This renewal does not change the city’s program, which will require approval by the Amarillo Traffic Commission and city commissioners.

Both of these laws are looking like a sure thing to happen.  Maybe with the freedom of speech act,  it will change so they wouldn't have to ban all cellphone use only to limit it. With the red light cameras, we will keep the five intersections here in the city then to expand it to more intersections. Blake agrees on some of what the city wants to do with these changes so he might head out to those meetings.


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