Amarillo is making a splash in the headlines this week - in a very good way!

A recent study from The Texas Workforce Commission revealed that the state average for unemployment is 4% and Amarillo is above average with a 2.7% unemployment rate.

In 2015 alone, Amarillo added almost 300,000 jobs, which has helped our town set some pretty amazing records.

However, even if our town does have the lowest unemployment rate, that isn't the greatest news for job seekers. Trent Morris, Director at Panhandle Workforce Solutions, said that despite the low unemployment rate, the amount of job growth is pretty low.

It would seem that Amarillo is a great place to keep a job for a long time, but not necessarily for finding new opportunities.

Morris also shared his belief that when the oil industry recovers, job growth will increase.

So I guess things are still pretty good in Amarillo.

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