It is easy to think that the Government shut down only had effects on the national level. But the truth is, many local families were impacted, and sadly they aren't out of the woods yet. The government has partially re-opened until February 15th which can help families get caught back up on bills but when the 16th rolls around they could be back at square

Two local restraints have teamed together to help take the weight off of these government families. Family Soul Food and Shi Lee’s Soul Food and Barbecue are collecting non-perishable foods so they can put together care packages for government families affected by the shutdown.

Both businesses are still working out the details of how to get the food to the right people. The plan as it is now is to have a free dinner for the families on February 10th and hand out the care packages. As we get all the details we will keep you up to date!

In the meantime, if you can drop off any donations to either location.

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