There is nothing more awesome than when someone gets credit for hard work and when they are representing the best of Amarillo to not only the Navy but the world that's an even bigger deal.

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A big shout out goes to Chief Petty Officer Teena Porter who was given her promotion last week while on assignment at Camp Lemonnier in the tiny African nation of Djibouti which happens to lie at the base of the Horn of Africa, which is a strategic point as it separates the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean. Basically put anything going through here is either bound for Europe or the Orient. So it's a big deal to be assigned here.

Rick Burke/United States Navy
Rick Burke/United States Navy

So how easy is it to become a Chief?

Not easy at all, It takes time and testing to get though any rank in the armed forces and for the rank of Chief a recommendation is required and a board review from other Chief and Master Chief Petty Officers is required. Along with the rank, Master Chiefs are seen as leaders in their field and experts at their qualification, in this case Chief Porter is an expert at Personnel.

There are a few perks to the job, Besides earning the title of Chief, and because of the rigorous selection process which is basically "choosing their own" Chiefs enjoy special privileges aboard the ship or in camp such as having their own housing and mess facilities that are off limits to even commissioned officers except by invitation only.

Congratulations to Chief Porter for her service to the US Navy and a great example of the amazing people who come from and make the Panhandle home! We wish her luck on her command and continued success.

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