It looks like the nice cool spell we have been enjoying the past few weeks has come and gone and the temperatures are going up. Forecasts today call for the mercury in our thermometers to hit or get pretty close to 100 degrees. Remember back in February when we were dealing with blizzards and snow?  Yeah, forget it, those days are long gone and just a distant memory. Mother Nature has cranked up the oven and ripped the knob off.

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Unfortunately, This is the time of year we start hearing horror stories about kids and pets who get locked behind in cars.

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Look Before You Lock

Our cars do an amazing job of keeping the elements out. This works the other way too, on a hot day your car's temperature can rise 20 degrees in just ten minutes and even more after that with numbers into the 140's and 150's which makes Death Valley look like a nice getaway. According to data from NHTSA, a child's body temperature can rise 3-5 times faster than an adult which leads to heat stroke at 104 degrees and ultimately passing at 107. That's scary stuff. Texas unfortunately leads the nation in vehicular heat stroke death.

It's Not Just The Kids...

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Our pets don't fare any better in this kind of heat, especially those with thicker coats. There's a reason many of the heaver coat breeds blow out their fur, it's a way of helping cool off.  You wouldn't wear a parka outside right now right? Dogs and cats also have another holdback. They don't sweat like you and I do. They pant and there's another factor, they will start to panic which just drives internal temperature up quicker.

The Cracked Window Myth

There's an idea that cracking your window an inch or two helps keep temperature down, Let's shut this down fast, it may make a degree or two of difference but not enough to make it safe for kids or pets

Leaving the car running with the AC

Good idea! Car thieves love this one. If an officer pulls up on this, you'll also get a ticket. speaking of the law, Texas doesn't protect good Samaritans who break windows. generally speaking though you're more likely to have to deal with the owner than law enforcement on this one. When in doubt call 911.

Look before you lock! It's an extra step that could save a life.

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