It seems that Amarillo is pretty popular these days.  We have been popping up on a variety of news outlets and even had several ex-presidents stop by.  Now the infamous Cadillac Ranch has made the national news circuit.

The CBS evening news has a segment called 'On the Road.'  Over the past couple weeks, CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman has been revisiting some of the places and people Charles Kuralt met a few decades back.  On his list Amarillo's very own Cadillac Ranch.

And while nothing much has changed expect the names on the cars, it is still an interesting place.  Kuralt and Hartman were just as curious about the place as anyone else.  Why on earth would anyone bury a car much less several?

Try asking owner Stanly Marsh III.  You won't get a straight answer from him.  But whatever the reason, it still attracts thousands each year.  Here is the video that aired this past Friday.

And here is video that aired in 1975.  The place is pretty much the same.

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