This year has been a busy year for Hospitals in Amarillo and the High Plains. In some of these cases patients may have been subject to blood transfusions and that has put a lot of demand our local blood bank, Coffee Memorial. March happens to have been a very high demand month on the bank due to an increase in local traumas here in the region.

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There's a few factors at play, COVID-19 Restrictions on elective surgeries are starting to ease and increases in trauma as folks get out and get more active. President and CEO John Armitage on the situation:

“We’re thankful that COVID has receded enough for people to create a new normal and get caught up on deferred medical care,But, the impact of this return to normalcy has stressed our blood supply in yet another way. The COVID pandemic continues to surprise and challenge us.”

Supplies are Low

Normally the Folks at Coffee Memorial operate on a 3 day supply at any given time but demand has brought levels to one day's worth of inventory. It takes about 125 Donors a day to ensure each day's levels. There is also a stigma where many potential donors feel that they may not be able to donate after receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. As long as a donor feels no side effects after vaccination it is perfectly safe to give blood as well and can do so immediately.

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So How Can You Help?

Blood Donation only takes about an hour and your donation can help save 3 lives. Make an appointment to donate at or walk-in to any mobile blood drive or to our donor center located at 7500 Wallace, to give.

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