It's all about location and folks around town will tell you that downtown Amarillo is definitely going through some changes. With a lot of recent growth in the entertainment and dining businesses, it's only natural to see higher-end apartment offerings finally come to downtown. The Gaut Whittenburg Emerson Commercial Real Estate Group put out a post that gives us exactly that.

Now this isn't a complete rebuild of the First Bank tower as the apartments only take up the 10th and 11th floor. The building is currently 85 percent at capacity and this would get it closer to 100% which is what any landlord wants for their property.

So how much will this view set you back?

Prices are expected to start at about $1,500 and go up to$2,300 for a 1,000- to 1,500-square foot apartment. Each unit is individually climate controlled, separate from the building. You're actually getting a bargain if you consider high rise apartment pricing in other cities in Texas like Austin where rent can start at $2,000 for roughly 3/4 the size. You get an unobstructed view too. (Let's face it, it's the tallest building in between Dallas and Denver and most likely will be for some time) We're not exactly in Manhattan here, folks.

Brooklyn Bridge and the Lower Manhattan skyline under a purple sunset

For the price, you also get access to the Amarillo Club up on the top floor, a gym, a bank, security services, management and engineering on-site, and covered parking-- which in many other complexes around town could cost extra.

I like what they got going here. Having a vibrant downtown also means having folks live where they work and play, and granted this isn't a full residential tower but it's a start and hopefully the start of a trend.

If you're really interested and want the view you might want to reach out the folks over at Gaut Whittenburg Emerson Commercial Real Estate.

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