More than 500 people flocked to an Australian farmer's home after coming across what he calls a UFO buried in the ground.


An Australian farmer named Franz Knoglinger, 47, was looking for his runaway cat in an open field by his home when he came across a huge hole in the ground.

Knoglinger could not see the bottom of this massive hole and wanted to see just how deep it was. He threw a rock down and he heard what he described as a "metallic clunk."

Thinking there was a metal object down there he went and got a big magnet and dangled it down the hole, Knoglinger said the magnet did attach to something at the bottom of the hole.

Knoglinger also said there is a hollow sound inside of the hole, as if there is room around the metal object or some room underneath it. So he called a local plumber out to his property to see if he could help him figure out what was inside of the hole. When the plumber lowered a camera down as soon as it came close to the object the camera shut off. Knoglinger thinks its "from some sort of magnetic field."

When the locals and the surrounding area found out about what Knoglinger had found rumors started flying around what they think it could be. People are saying its a malfunctioned bomb, or possibly some sort of air or space craft. Although local archeologist think that some wood has rotted away from a collapsed underground tunnel. Geologist have heard about what people have been saying and want to see for themselves, they are said to be visiting the site soon.

Oh and by the way..... Knoglinger did find his runaway cat!

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