Earlier this week, my colleagues and I were discussing a Facebook group post about someone complaining about self-checkout lines and you can read more about that story here, but I have to share my experience from this weekend where I found a flaw in one of our more popular ways to shop in this era.....and its kind of misleading when you think about it.

So, I'm moving into my apartment here in Tyler and needed a new bed frame. I shopped online like most of do to find the best price and found it a big box store, whose name I won't say but let's just they are the WORLD'S largest retailer.

Anyway, I found what I wanted and the online page said that I could "pickup in store" tomorrow...GREAT! So I paid for my item and went to bed knowing that in the morning, everything would be cool.


Before I move on, let me say that I have done "store pickup" before and I totally understand the need for it especially in the "pandemic" times we live in. Some folks use it to have a "touch free" experience but I use it for a method of "speed", I know what I want, I found it without wandering for hours in the store, now I would like to just pay, get my item and leave.

But this experience pointed something out to me that I never thought of before, IT'S NOT PICKUP, ITS STILL DELIVERY.

The next day, before I pulled into the store, according to the text and email I got, I had to "check-in" before I leave which is their way of saying "we'll get it ready for you", but when I went to site to "check in", the "link" just took me to their app page to "download the app". So I proceeded to the store and according to the email it told me to "go in the store, show barcode to associate and pickup your item", but I was sent back outside to the side of the store.

Then for 20 minutes, I sat there and waited. The signs in the parking space said "call this number" but every call went unanswered. So I sat and waited some more as the store employees just went to other folks cars and gave them their stuff.

And I sat there and looked at the rest of us who were just there waiting it dawned on me that this is not "convenient" nor easy and its not "pickup".

Again, I pay in advance, I go in the store, I grab my item, show you proof of purchase, then leave. THAT IS PICKUP.

If I have to WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO BRING ME WHAT I ORDERED, THAT'S DELIVERY. So please, rename this stuff, call it "Store Shopper Delivery" or something else, but don't call it pickup. I know yall won't listen because I'll be back tomorrow to give you more of my money but think about it M'kay.


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