Shopping in Amarillo can be a big decision, so many stores are available and so many choices.

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Most of the time, you only want to go to a one-stop shop, and for that, you would choose a place like Walmart.  Other times, you want groceries so you shop at a place like United Supermarkets.  However, if you want to save money on the items you use the most, you'll want to shop at this store.

Sam's Club


Sometimes, shopping at Sam's Club is cheaper because you can save a ton of money on the items you use the most.   They tend to have better pricing on certain items, especially when you buy the items you use the most in bulk.

These are the Items You Should Be Buying At Sam's Club

There are items that you can buy at a grocery store or items you can buy at a big-box store, however, if you are looking to save money, Sam's Club is the place to shop. Sam's Club allows you to buy the items you use the most in bulk, and that means you are going to be saving money.

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Amarillo has two different Sam's Club locations, 8952 Westgate Pkwy W and the original Amarillo location located at 2201 Ross Osage Dr.

Sam's Club is a club that you do have to be a member of, their memberships are fairly cheap, you can get the Club Membership that is good for a year for $50 and you can add an extra person to your membership, or you can get the Plus Membership for $110 per year and that comes with quite a few perks.

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