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Clearly Canadian is Clearly Back on Amarillo Shelves
Do you know that moment when you are walking down an aisle in your favorite grocery store and something catches your eye? You are not quite sure if what you think you saw you actually did. I mean are you going crazy? Were you suddenly transported to the late eighties early nineties?
The Parade of Homes is Back This Year
One of the big things here every spring is the Parade of Homes. It's one of the biggest fundraisers for Texas Panhandle Builders Association. Whether you own a home, hope to own one or just love getting ideas this is the event for you.
806 Health Tip: Easy Things You Can Do To Relax
We celebrated National Relaxation Day over the weekend but it's a great reminder that we need to take more time for ourselves. Especially the way this year has been. Don't ever think that it's not worth the time because the more relaxed you are the fuller and healthier your life will be.
806 Health Tip: Things To Make You Smile
Let's face it we can all use a little more time to smile. A smile can lift your spirit and make it hard to be stressing about anything. There are so many small pleasures in life and we would definitely benefit in looking for those.

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