Great news for those who live in Southwest Amarillo near Loop 335, you will now have a closer place to shop for groceries and pick up your prescriptions.

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We had announced back in May, that Amarillo was getting a new Market Street.  United Supermarkets hosted their groundbreaking today for their brand new Market Street.

Paul Evans, Regional Vice President of United Supermarkets said, "We've seen a lot of changes to our business since United Supermarkets came to Amarillo in 1971.  We have 18,000 team members and are in 54 cities across Texas and New Mexico. There are some things that have stayed the same since our company began in 1916.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Our commitment to the communities we serve first. We invest in education all across the Panhandle everything from school supply drives to building campaigns and endowed scholarships, such as the Texas Tech Veterinary and pharmacy schools and scholarships in West Texas, and thirdly, addressing issues of food insecurity alongside the High Plains Food Bank, Snack Pack for Kids and others is among the top of our priorities. We also invest in organizations addressing issues related to health, social services, and quality of life."

United Supermarket President Sidney Hopper said, "This has been a long time in the making. We've grown with Amarillo and with Canyon.  We came up with our first store in this region in Texas in 1949 and we have enjoyed being part of the story and growing with Amarillo."

The cat's kind of out of the bag already, but I'm here to announce that Fall of 2023 we will open the Market Street location right here in Hollywood and Coulter.

The new Market Street will feature a full service deli and hot bar, meat country, pharmacy, and floral.  The store will also have an in-store bakery, specialty foods, concierge services and an extensive wine and beer selection.  Oh and if you'd like to have a beer or wine while you shop, stop by their Tap House before you start your shopping  The store will also feature a Starbucks.

Chris James, Chief Operating Officer of United Supermarkets said, "The store will also feature a Chopsticks Noodle and Sushi Bar, as well as a top-rated Evie Mays BBQ that will make its debut here in Amarillo at Market Street. Y'all may be familiar with Evie Mays and seeing them in the Texas Monthly list of top 10 places to eat barbecue in the state of Texas. This is being brought to you courtesy Arnis and Mallory Robins."

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Evie Mays BBQ was started by Arnis and Mallory Robins in 2015 in Wolfforth, Texas.  The business is built on a foundation of passion for people and for food.  They formed a partnership with United Supermarkets during the pandemic to bring retail products to the store when they were having trouble with their supply chain.

We're thankful to Amarillo and we are very excited to come here. We can assure you that who we are and what we do is built on a promise of an obsessive passion for quality and for service. So we're excited about this and can't wait to follow next year.

This will be a very welcome addition to this corner of Amarillo.  As the growth continues, with the new Loop 335 and the new development in this area of Amarillo.  More of the citizens will now have a shorter drive to get to a supermarket, and Market Street will be a gem.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Mayor Ginger Nelson spoke at the groundbreaking and said that we are making Amarillo History today.

You are living the real story of who we are relevant right now. Amarillo is in a historic season of economic opportunity and growth. We're going to step over here in a moment and take a really cool picture with gold shovels and a brand new highway in the background. A billion dollars is what it takes to build the loop around Amarillo. And it's happening right now in our lifetimes, but someday some fifth grader will get a book and our pictures will be in it for the work that we're doing during this season of historic growth and economic opportunity.
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Now, we wait, and hopefully, in a year, we'll be shopping at the new Market Street United at Hollywood Rd and Coulter Street.

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