It has been suggested to me several times since moving to Amarillo that I go to United Supermarkets for lunch. It seemed that everyone was constantly trying to get me to check out the sushi, salad bar, soups, or whatever was sitting behind the counter. Today, I gave it a shot and decided to try out their pizza.

How does grocery store pizza stack up in Amarillo?

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Ready To Order Pizza At United Supermarket

I love pizza. I've tried a slice from almost every pizza spot we have in town. It's my ultimate go-to. I was excited to order a couple of slices from United Supermarkets at lunch and see how they stack up to the competition.

Is Ready To Order Pizza From The Grocery Store Worth It?

The pizza I ordered was already made, sitting there waiting for me. They had a lunch special for two slices of pizza and a drink for around six bucks. Not too bad. I ordered and immediately noticed a difference between this and ordering from other places.

They placed both slices into the same box, stacked on top of each other. The two slices were separated only by a thin piece of paper. Word to the wise; don't let the pizza cool. A portion of the cheese stuck to the paper.

Also, the size of the slices was really good for the money. The two pieces I had were enough to fill me up.

How Does Grocery Store Pizza Rank Against Other Cheap Pizzas?

While the pizza wasn't necessarily gourmet, it was good for what I paid. The crust was interesting. It wasn't a bland crust like you might expect from this type of meal.

I would put it above gas station pizza and those pizzas that come hot and ready...if you know what I mean. If you're looking for a cheap slice of pizza, this is about the best option I've found in town.

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