On Monday morning an SUV was stolen from a local store with an infant inside of the vehicle.

{Stephen Chernin/Getty Images}

Around 6:50a.m. on Monday the driver of a gold colored Toyota RAV 4 went inside of the Toot N' Totum on the Amarillo Blvd and Columbine St. to get coffee. The victim left the SUV running and inside was his 1-month old nephew.

As soon as the victim entered the store a man standing outside the store then entered the vehicle and drove off heading North on Columbine St. The victim said his 1-month old nephew was inside of a car seat in the back seat of the vehicle when it was stolen.

Luckily the Amarillo Police Department were able to locate the vehicle at a motel on East Amarillo Blvd called the Rama Hotel around 8:00a.m. The 1-month old infant was found safe with the vehicle and returned to his parents. The victim could be facing fines for leaving the infant unattended.