So one thing I've come to learn about Amarillo is there seem to be a lot of people who like to steal stuff.

Just before I got here, the big push for thieves seemed to be catalytic converters.

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When people start stealing animals, that's kind of where I draw the line. I saw over the weekend in one of the Amarillo Facebook groups that a couple is holding someone's dog ransom for $200. They even sent a CashApp request for the money.

Amarillo Stolen Stuff
Amarillo Stolen Stuff

First off, did they even know the people they were leaving their beloved pet with? Was it some random pet watching service or is this a friend of theirs? Either way, what kind of person holds a family pet for ransom? It's quite possible the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of.

Well..... it seemed like the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard of. That was, until I heard someone actually stole a kangaroo!

Rick Looby's Stolen Kangaroo

First off, I didn't even know you could own a kangaroo so that part in and of itself is pretty darn cool.

However, it wasn't cool for Rick Looby when he realized someone had somehow gotten away with one.

The thieves nabbed the kangaroo on Saturday around 1:15pm. They were wearing black hoodies and driving a small blue SUV.

I'm honestly perplexed by this one. I mean, kangaroos can fight and be some mean creatures when they need to be. They're strong and can pummel you. Furthermore, how do you get one in a small SUV? I mean, they aren't small animals by any stretch. I'm more amazed they got away with it. All I envision is the scene from 'The Hangover 3' when Alan buys a giraffe and has it in the trailer. You can't miss it.

I sincerely hope that the kangaroo is found safe and the dog is returned to its rightful owner. Let's be better Amarillo, this is ridiculous.

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