We love our city, but sometimes the bad news of our city takes over.  A SWAT team got called out on a domestic violence call, another wreck took a a life, another shooting happened.  That's what we seem to hear daily.  However, it is a breath of fresh air when we hear about our Amarillo Police Department officers doing something kind and sweet.

Part of an officers job is to protect and serve our community and keep it safe, and sometimes that serve comes in the weirdest situations and that is what happened on Saturday.

A citizen of Amarillo, who happens to be a Vietnam Veteran walked into the APD and asked for some help.  It was a strange bit of help, but it was help none the less.

This man takes the bus to work and on this particular day, his best friend in the world decided to follow him on his walk to his bus stop with out his knowledge. Cissy his chihuahua, decided he wanted to go to work as well.  The man was by the police station when he realized that Cissy had been sneaky and followed him.  If he had to walk her back home then he would miss the bus and be late to work.

So here's where the awesome APD come in.  The man walked into the police station and asked an officer for help in getting Cissy back home and the officer obliged him.  They took Cissy back home. Cissy got a ride in the officer's police car,  to her home.  The officer proceeded to secure her at home, and the gentleman was able to catch his bus and make it to work.

“I’m a nobody and never in a million years did I think I could get this kind of help, but wow…you guys are amazing!”

To the officer who is unknown, thank you for your kindness and going above and beyond for our citizens and their pets.

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