It's been 19 years since Shamika Scott was found murdered at a hotel in Amarillo. On June 9th, 2000, the 24 year old was found dead in a room at the Wagon Wheel Motel along east Amarillo Boulevard. The incident has been classified a cold case, however, police believe there is still someone out there that knows that happened to Shamika.

Police ruled her death as a homicide citing indications she had been smothered. There has been a lot of speculation about who might have committed the crime, but there is not enough evidence to prove who the suspect is. Throughout the course of the investigation, there have been a number of people who investigators have talked to. However, the details that came from those interviews have not yet led the APD Homicide Unit to the evidence that could solve this case.

In a news report from 2017, officers said that Shamika's mother still checks in regularly with authorities hoping to one day find some closure to her daughter's murder. 19 years after the killing, Shamika's mother is still searching for answers. The Amarillo Police Department Homicide Unit asks that anyone who may have any information that could help solve this case, and give Shamika Scott’s family closure, call them at 378-9468.

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