On this day in 1974 in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, “Hammerin’ Hank” made MLB history by hitting his 715th career homer, and surpassing Babe Ruth's record.

Born in Mobile, Alabama, "Bad Henry" got his start in the minors and the Negro American League, before he became an MLB player from 1954-1976. He played for 21 seasons, and was playing for the Milwaukee Brewers during the last two years of his career, when he broke this record.

Mid-career, Aaron changed his number to 44, and would go on to hit 44 home runs in four different seasons. The home run that broke this 39-year record was hit off of a pitch by Dodgers pitcher Al Dowling, who also wore the number 44. Guess he picked the right number. Videos like this remind us why we love sports:

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