Investigators in the missing persons case of Thomas Brown have confirmed that remains found are his. The private investigation firm of Klein Investigations & Consulting, who were hired by the family, announced that remains have been found off of Lake Marvin Road near Lake Marvin, about 19 miles from Canadian. Through dental records they were able to confirm that it is Thomas. An area local who heard about the investigation and to be on the lookout around Lake Marvin Road made the discovery.

For over 2 years, the family of Thomas Brown has been looking for an ending to his disappearance. And while this is not the ending we had all hoped for, at least some closure can begin for the family.

Thomas Brown went missing on November 23, 2016. He was 18 years old at the time. As the search continued, the family became dissatisfied with the Hemphill Country Sheriff's investigation and hired their own private investigators, Klein Investigations & Consulting.

Investigators said they were able to track his movements up until his disappearance shortly before midnight. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the the cause of death remains under investigation at this time.

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