It's no secret Bobby isn't the best at emotions, but Amy on the other hand wears hers on her sleeve. It's also known that Amy is adopting two children from Haiti.

Well, a recent instagram post about her non-biological kids made Bobby almost "choke on his sad feelings." Warning, this may make your eyes water a bit.

last Saturday while trying to give blood at the Red Cross in Haiti...a precious old nun in the waiting room said to me w a sweet smile: "She looks like you!" as she pointed to my daughter. I looked at her a little perplexed bc clearly she doesn't...then the nun said: "When two people love each other...they start to look alike." for years I wondered what biological children of mine would be like...would they have my lack of earlobes...would they twitch their feet or shake their legs like I do...and like my mom and grandma did before me?!? thoughts like that used to make me sad...but not anymore. we have two beautiful children that look nothing like us...but through love they can and will...we finally have or little mini-mes!!! I may not have given birth to them...but they're ours...till the end...and I can't wait to see how much they become like us in the coming years...and obviously their own selves as well. I will likely never see that Haitian nun again...but I woke up this morning thankful for her kind words. ✨ #adoption #love {{boomerang cred: @meri_ at Marriott hotel in PAP where we attempted to get in a super quick workout before our day of fried plantains + all the good Haitian carbs at @brasserieql. }} and shout out @karascholz + @callieblackburn for keeping little dude occupied over in the yoga + free weights section.

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