Beads of Courage is a program that brings 'Art in Medicine'. the most difficult thing about childhood illness and injuries is facing all the adult type situations as a child. In a child's point of view, the hospital is associated with pain and scary machines.

Bringing a home-like atmosphere and a place that feels fun and caring is what all children's units strive for. Beads of Courage is just one of the many things CMN does for kids. I was really moved by this program. Every time a child faces a 'Poke' (IV/Injection), ER visit, procedure, dressing change, biopsy, etc. They receive a bead, these beads are a badge of honor for their bravery.

The beads give the children courage and hope along their journey and tell their story. According to the Daily Mail, a toddler with cancer can collect a string of beads 50 feet long during their treatment.

Check out a few of the different beads and kids who collect the beads.

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