When you reside in Texas, you must embrace the notion that anything and everything is possible in this remarkable state, and this is precisely what occurred in a quaint town named Lajitas.

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Lajitas is a small town of less than 100 people near the eastside Big Bend National Park.

A Beer-Drinking Goat

ABC13 Houston via YouTube
ABC13 Houston via YouTube

In the small town of Lajitas lived a goat named Clay Henry, Clay Henry was a beer-drinking goat. Yes, buy a beer pop the top and Clay Henry would drink the beer. Clay Henry was so popular in the town of Lajitas because he was responsible for bringing in much-needed tourism.  Clay Henry was elected mayor of Lajitas in 1986.

Unfortunately, in 1992 Clay Henry was killed by his son Clay Jr. Clay Jr. continued in his father's footsteps and guzzled just as much brew as his goat daddy. Clay Jr. lived for 22 years.

Clay Henry Sr. is still on display at the Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.

ABC13 Houston via YouTube
ABC13 Houston via YouTube

Currently, Clay Henry IV is keeping with his lineage and is the current mayor of Lajitas and will put away the beer as fast as he is given one.

Just one of the many things that is great about Texas.

Who doesn't love the fact that a beer-drinking goat exists in this world?

However, with that said, will any goat drink a beer?  Let's go grab a six-pack, find a goat, and see if they will put it away like a college freshman at their first party.

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