One of the hardest things to do is find a good barber.

No really, I would know.

Ever since I moved to Amarillo, I've been looking for the right place to go in and get my haircuts. A place that offers a good shave as well is a total bonus.

I had the perfect spot when I lived in Austin, I was truly sad to leave. Here I am a year into Amarillo and I haven't found that spot for me yet.

That may all be changing right now.

I was told about this place called Tune Up: The Manly Salon. The first thing that sold me on wanting to check them out? You get free beer or mixed drinks when you go in. Not just one, but TWO free drinks while you get done up.

That alone is enough to sell me. I mean, Sport Clips has TV's to watch sports while you get so fresh and so clean, and I love that. However, free beer trumps sports highlights when it comes to getting myself all cleaned up.

Crazy part of this? There's a location FIVE minutes from my house, and I had no idea.

The reason it's been so hard for me to find a place here is that I don't just get a haircut, I get a head shave. Yes, I'm talking a cool straight edge razor right on top of my dome. I like my head to be smooth, and it seems no one in town offers that up.

Why? My understanding is you have to have a special license to be able to do that. I could be wrong, but that's what I was told. From what I can see, Tune Up has those straight edge cuts I so crave and want...and free drinks.

Tack on the fact that because they can straight edge my head, it means I can get a professional shave done as well. Look guys, you may not want to admit it but be real for a minute here. Nothing is better than having someone give you the absolute perfect shave, especially if you have facial hair and want those lines perfect.

Now, Tune Up has two different locations in town. One in Wolflin Village off Georgia and another off of Coulter and Hillside. Aside from these two places, I don't know anywhere else that offers up this kind of combo.

Why is it there aren't more places like this for guys? I mean, I hear all the time about the pampering done at a salon for women. While we don't need the fancy robe and all that, there are a lot of stories about champagne and mimosas flying around while they get their hair done and nails too.

Is it too much to ask for a guy to be able to walk in a place, be pampered for an hour with a couple beers on top of it? I think not. Tune Up, here I come.

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