This week, Love and Theft was in the Blake studio promoting the Buckin Wild Music Fest.

Love and Theft is well-know for songs like "Angel Eyes," and "If You Ever Get Lonely." Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles have been making music as Love and Theft for 7 years.

We were excited to welcome Stephen into the Blake studio earlier this week and show him our town.

When Blake's entourage gave lead singer Stephen Barker Liles a ride around Amarillo, the results were hilarious!

Of course he crushed the duo's first hit "Angle Eyes," but you gotta see Stephen get down to indie rapper Mac Miller's "Knock Knock."

Here is the first ever "Blake's Pickup Playlist" starring Stephen Barker Liles.

In case you missed our full interview with Love And Theft, watch it all over again here!

And be listening to 101.9 Blake FM to catch their new song "Whiskey On My Breath."

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