As you most likely already know, Producer Eddie from the Bobby Bones Show has been quarantining at home with the coronavirus. Eddie called in last week to share the news that he tested positive for coronavirus after his vacation trip to Florida.

Eddie has been quarantining in a room at his house for over 2 weeks since some of his symptoms showed up, and since he tested positive. He shared that he was feeling tired, had some congestion, and had some difficulty breathing. However, towards the end of his 2 weeks in quarantine, his symptoms were going away and he was starting to feel better.

He went to get a second test done over the weekend, because if he tested negative, he was going to be able to come back to work. However, his test results came back positive for a second time. Despite him feeling better, the doctors shared that he may still have a few positive tests before things show up negative. Eddie also shared that his wife tested negative for coronavirus.

Since the test, Eddie said he's no longer quarantining in his room, rather just staying inside his home around his family.

Morgan Huelsman from the Bobby Bones Show contributed to this story.

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