Can you imagine seeing Lunchbox from the Bobby Bones Show hypnotized? Hypnotist Sheri Spell stopped by the show and went to work on Lunchbox, Morgan2, and Phone Screener Abby.

Spell is a clinical hypnotherapist, certified in Holistic Nutrition, and has recently pursued entertaining others with stage hypnosis. She confessed before starting her hypnosis that people have to want to be hypnotized in order for things to work. It doesn't work on everyone and that all depends on some outside factors.

During the show, Lunchbox, Morgan2, and Phone Screener Abby were the only ones who offered themselves up to get hypnotized. It didn't work on Morgan2, after the first round of hypnosis she ended up "waking up" and laughed herself off the stage. However, Lunchbox and Abby were definitely under hypnosis. Lunchbox was convinced to act out that he was the first man birthing a baby while Abby was his nurse. In another hilarious moment, Abby had to act like a minion and Lunchbox had to translate what she was saying.

Be sure to watch the full video above if you need a good laugh. Also, be careful, you might just find yourself falling under hypnosis while watching this. Morgan Huelsman contributed to this article.


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