If you are one of those who wait to the last minute to get your decorations out and up like your lights and even your good old tree. Maybe your looking for a new tree this year like a pre-lit or maybe a huge tree, but what about a real Christmas tree?

regan76 @ Flickr
regan76 @ Flickr

The Boy Scout Troop 80 is doing just that selling those real Christmas trees like you would see in the movie A Christmas Story. The boys will be out at the parking lot between Avondale and Bell on Plains working and helping to sell trees to raise money to be able to go on camping trips,travel programs and operations.

The fresh Oregon and Washington State Christmas trees run about $30 and the money raised will stay right here in town to help the local boys. Blake and his Entourage will be out there to help between 10am-12pm Saturday, December 1st, but the tree lot will be open till 9pm everyday up to Christmas or until they sell out. So go on by and put a smile on a scout’s face knowing that this time of year is about giving not receiving, plus your home will have the fragrance of a fresh Christmas Tree.

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