This really has been a tough year. I can only imagine that 2020 will have an asterisks by it in any discussion about the year. Proms cancelled....graduation's cancelled and now ruining more and more of our summer.

Yes, I know how serious this covid-19 has been but here we are in April and things for the summer are cancelling. First it was the news about WT cancelling their summer camps. The camps that many have based their summer plans on. Now another activity is kaput.

I am talking about the BIG 4th of July Celebration in Canyon. It always started off with the big parade, the Fair on the Sqaure, Kickin' it in Canyon, and of course the big celebration that many flocked down to Canyon to be a part of. It was always a big couple of days.

Well not this year. Another victim to the virus. Here is the official word from the Canyon Chamber of Commerce:

We are extremely sad to announce that unfortunately, in response to Covid-19, the Canyon Chamber of Commerce and Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel all Chamber 4th of July activities including the Parade, Fair on the Square, Fireworks Show and Kickin’ it in Canyon.

We are truly sorry and hope to make next year’s celebration the best one ever.

The Canyon Chamber of Commerce Staff"

Wow now it is dipping into our summer plans even more. This is sad news today. The city I spent a lot of my childhood in....and where a lot of the alumni use this time for reunions is not happening this year.

Who else is ready for 2020 to be gone

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