There's nothing I love more than big shiny red fire trucks. There's something about them that the 5 year old inner child in me gets all giddy about. Any chance we get to go out and look at a truck without it's sirens blaring because its working is a treat!

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The City of Amarillo held an open house for the brand new Fire Station #5 over on Washington Street and the facility is top notch, it's the third new firehouse built here in the last few years as part of Prop 2 that was passed in 2016.


One of the first things you'll notice about this station is the sheer size of the garage.'s huge!! I'm not saying its the Carlsbad Caverns of garages but the Hazmat Truck which is pretty big looks like it fits with plenty of room to spare. Another cool feature is it has a separate garage facing another area of the street to help them get out fast if need be. And yeah... now you can see that garage area is pretty big...


So what exactly did this cost tax payers? The cost of the station was just a hair under 3.8 million dollars. This was already part of the proposition and a smaller part of the overall 21.6 million dollars.

Some of the neat features of the building also include a storm shelter and second story that includes a fire pole to slide on down (the second in the city to have this feature that's a firehouse standard) and how about this... a garage door that can open in 10 seconds... that's fast! it's a miracle if mine can open in a year!


It's also nice to catch a glimpse of how organized the trucks are... it definitely is a lifegoal to have mine organized like this:


Of course, when seconds count this matters.

It's really cool to see our Firefighters get taken care of like this and hopefully there are more of these upgrades coming to other stations around town.

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