For the outdoor Christmas decorating enthusiast there are several enemies you have to keep a look out for. None more frustrating than the winds of the high plains.

Several neighborhoods this morning had casualties of the wind-war lining the street. Lights were strewn across the yard. Inflatable decorations landed in yards down the block. There was even a bird feeder/lantern that had fallen to the winds.

When searching online for ways to secure Christmas decorations, one recurring answer is weigh them down. Also, be sure to secure any yard decorations with tent stakes. If you don't have stakes, you can use a bent wire coat hanger.

To weigh them down, answers range from using bricks to using bags full of sand. Keeping these anchors out of sight can be a bit tricky at times, but it will make sure Mavis down the block doesn't wake up to your Frosty the Snowman inflatable laying dead in her doorway.

Securing lights to the roof can be done a few different ways. A lot of people use staples, but clips attached to shingles seem to also work just as well in combating the wind.

Don't be stingy when securing your lights. If you're using clips that attach the bulbs to the roof, use a clip on every bulb. If you're securing by some other means, be sure you don't leave a lot of slack in the string of lights. The wind will grab them and decorate your yard with your icicle lights.


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