There are several Texas cities where bicycles and small scooters have become all the rage for getting around. Amarillo's City Council is looking at bringing bike and scooter sharing services to the town.

Gas prices are creeping up, but it's the convenience and mobility that's driving this possible, two-wheel option. Amarillo is growing and there are places that could use a little less congestion and allow people to get around easier.

Been downtown lately? Once all of the highway construction is done, it should be a breeze getting around Center City. Amarillo College could stand fewer cars. So could the medical district or "Pill Hill" as we call it.

There are a few things that need to happen before this Austin-like service begins. There aren't many bike lanes in town, although they've gotten better.

Amarillo doesn't allow bikes on sidewalks, so it's either the road with everyone else in their cars and trucks.

There isn't a timetable attached to any of this, so don't expect to see all manner of bikes and scooters just yet. There is the unpredictable panhandle weather to consider as well. Some days it will snow and the next it's 114 degrees out.

What do you think? Would you use them? Let us know below.


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