A recent study was done just in time for the start of the fall semester. Wallethub decided to find out which community colleges were the best, and they did it by state.

Congrats to Amarillo College. They landed in the top five in the Lone Star State.

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It Really Should Come As No Surprise

We're actually pretty fortunate to have Amarillo College. It offers a pretty good variety of programs, and it isn't going to leave you financially ruined by trying to get a good start in life.

There are multiple campuses in Amarillo, and the facilities are all pretty nice.

We even have an Esports team. Go Badgers.

How Were The Rankings Determined?

In order to come to their conclusions, Wallethub used three main categories to score colleges by.

First, there is cost and financing. This includes things like cost, spending per student, faculty size and salaries.

Next, they looked at education outcomes. This includes transfers, graduates, the student-faculty-ration, and so on.

Lastly, they looked at the career outcomes. Basically, were students able to find good job after attending.

How Well Did Amarillo College Do?

While Amarillo College didn't score high enough to land in the top in the nation in some of the aforementioned categories, they also didn't score low enough to land in the worst.

Again, that's nation-wide.

In the Lone Star State, Amarillo College ranked 4th. Out of 30 colleges looked at for the study, Amarillo College broke into the top 5.

Not bad.

Lamar Institute of Technology came in first in Texas. The top 4 was a tight race, with only five-tenths of a point separating Amarillo College and 1st place.

You can see the study here.

Follow this link for more about Amarillo College.

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