You take the family out to Wonderland. Sure it might rain but many times when we have a decent chance we end up with not a drop. I get it. Plus it might be a night that your work planned their company picnic. You don't want to miss the fun.

This is exactly what happened to me one time. I was working for Amarillo College and we had our company picnic out at the park. My daughter was young and we never missed a chance to hang out at Wonderland.

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The weather was looking iffy but we would cut it short if we needed to, no worries. In the middle of the dinner, the grey clouds started moving in. It didn't look good. The rides started to run. Let's have fun while we can. The kids ran from ride to ride as they tend to do.

Then the watches and warnings started coming. The Amarillo skies opened up for some of that much-needed rain. It was looking like the night would be cut short. Oh, and then the word that there was a tornado spotted out near Soncy.

Of course, the staff was monitoring the situation. Both Wonderland Park and the folks from Amarillo College wanted to make sure we were safe. Then we heard the blaring sounds of the tornado sirens.

Where Do You Go When the Sirens Blare at Wonderland?

You would think it would be a little ironic but the answer is you head to The Texas Tornado. They want everyone to get inside one of the tunnels to the ride. I kid you not.

Credit: Wonderland Park Facebook
Credit: Wonderland Park Facebook

I talked to Paul Borchardt, owner of Wonderland, recently and he said that yes, that was still the protocol. I mean it really probably is the safest place. The tunnel goes below ground.

I just find it ironic that when you are hiding from a tornado they want you to go to the ride named after this weather phenomenon.  No thanks. Really.

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