It's hot, it's been hot, and hopefully, we'll see a dip in temps soon, but that's unlikely.

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We are officially in August, and that's usually the hottest month of the year.  Even though we've experienced some pretty heavy heat so far this summer, the hottest is yet to come.

When the heat comes in Texas, we sure talk about it.  When it gets that hot everyone in Texas seems to have something to say.  Most of those phrases are just downright funny.

I decided to ask family and friends what they say when it's super hot outside.

Some are family-friendly, and some are not.  Here are a few:

Hotter than a burning stump

Blazin hades

Hotter than the Blue Blazes

It's So Hot That My Patio Chairs are Melting

Sweating Like an [prostitute] in church on Sunday

It's Hotter than Satan's [butthole]

It's Hotter than a Firecracker!

It's Hotter than a stolen pistol!

I guess those do scream Texas.

I ran across a study done by Preply where they compiled the most popular sayings by Southerners when it gets hot.

Some of the ones from their list included that I had never heard were:

Aweful selsery - I had to google this one

The bear got him

Hotter than Dutch love

I have a feeling these are used elsewhere other than Texas.   No matter what you say to describe the heat.  It's been HOT!  Too hot.

Don't worry we are all feeling the pain of the heat.  I don't know about you but my electric and water bills are obscene.

Keep in mind we are almost to the Fall and pumpkin season.  Before long, we'll be talking about how cold it is outside.

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