Condoleezza Rice publicly admitted that she was not surprised when anti-Muammar Gadhafi fighters found an album of pictures of her while ransacking the Libyan leader’s compound in Tripoli.

The former secretary of state revealed in her new book, ‘No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington,’ that she knew the Libyan leader had an unusual fixation on her. She said he was not secretive about his crush and once, while she was on a state visit to Libya, he even showed her a video montage of herself he had set to a specially written song called “African Flower in the White House.”

In an interview with CNN, Rice confessed that the situation was rather awkward for her while she tried to keep things strictly business. “Quite extraordinary, weird and a bit creepy,” she told Piers Morgan.

“My job was to go there and do diplomatic business and get out, so that’s what I did,” she said. “But I have to say I did have that terrible moment when he said that he had the video. I am just glad that it all came out all right.”

She said, while uncomfortable, she was relieved when it turned out the video was not crude or vulgar.

She can now heave a bigger sigh of relief. Gadhafi was killed last month in an action that ended a revolution against his regime that began in February.