Does this article really have that much to do with Texas falling to the ways of the socialist? No. But I found this interesting conversation brought up on the Norway subreddit. We have a major problem with the word "socialism" here in the United States, and even more so in the state of Texas. A lot of that has to do with the misunderstanding of what the Hell socialism is, and whether or not a country like Norway is socialist. Just follow the responses on this subreddit as they explain their side of things. The question was:

Norwegians, how do you feel when people in countries like America point to you as an example of a country where socialism "works"?

And here are the responses. den_bleke_fere said:

That most Americans have no idea what socialism actually means, because Norway isn't and have never been a socialist country.

Bronzekatalogen said:

They seem to believe that any social policy makes a country socialist, completely forgetting that they pay taxes to finance roads, schools and libraries...
The only difference is that our taxes are higher but covers more, and what theirs don't cover they have to cover themselves (or by employer, which indirectly means they cover it themselves).

One of my favorite responses came from sneijder:

I feel like they don’t understand what socialism actually is.

We live in a democratic country that realises its people are a huge asset, and therefore protects that asset.

Pusan11 said:

I think it’s a little interesting though, in America they say something is "socialism" as a bad thing and and to scare people off from voting for different candidates and policies.

Isn’t the better approach to pick parts from all over the spectrum to create a whole new thing that is better than any one direction alone? And of course the name of a political system shouldn’t be a factor in determining whether a policy is good or not.

So, what is the deal with Norway? This video sums things up pretty good.

So what is the point of all this? To hopefully better understand a situation that gets brought up all the time in American politics. The most important part is go into the learning process without an open mind. That is also the most difficult part.


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