You can never have too much storage, but for most people in Texas, they want that storage in their home. However, most homes don't have enough storage, and that seems to be the new thing now.

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No matter where you travel in Texas this particular business is being built everywhere.  You'll see a giant piece of land being cleared off and get excited that a new business is moving in and then find out it is storage units.

Storage Units

Self Storage Facility

They are popping up everywhere like coffee shops in Amarillo, one on every corner.  It's crazy.  However, it seems that there isn't enough storage in this state and we need even more storage.

Here's why there are so many storage units being built in Texas.

When it comes to online searches Texas is on top for searching storage units.

According to Storage Cafe, 18% of Americans rent storage and that is anticipated to rise by another 14%.   For those that rent their home 42% end up renting an additional storage unit because there isn't enough room.  Millennials make up 1/4 of those who rent storage.  Here's something even more interesting, the interest in storage units has recently increased to 77%.

What is the most stored thing in a storage unit?


Furniture, people are storing their furniture.  This could be that they just don't have enough room for all of their furniture in their current home or apartment.  It seems that the square feet available now to rent is shrinking.  It's possible more people are moving in together in a shared space and instead of selling their furniture, they pay for a storage unit to store it.

What's the average, pricing per month for storage?

For a 10x10 storage unit that is non-climate controlled in Texas, the average is $97 per month.

Part of a larger self storage business, this is a single unit for lease.

Cheapest Rentals in Texas:
Amarillo - $77
Lubbock - $85
Baytown - $86

Most Expensive Rentals:
Austin - $113
San Marcos - $112
Dallas - $110

It seems that most people are downsizing on where they live, just not downsizing on their stuff. Therefore, a need for more and more storage units.

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