Amarillo has been introduced to a new style of cuisine when a Korean BBQ restaurant finally opened up in the city.

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However, do you remember that before people started talking about Volcano Korean BBQ another restaurant announced that it was moving into town? As soon as the announcement was made people forgot that another Korean BBQ restaurant was moving into Amarillo with multiple locations.

Food Network via YouTube
Food Network via YouTube

Dae Gee Korean BBQ (Dae Gee means Pig Out)

Back in April of 2022, we shared that Dae Gee was coming to Amarillo and this was posted on Facebook:

Dae Gee will be opening up two restaurants in Amarillo.  According to a Facebook post, the new owner of the franchise, Phuc Nguyen, said:

“My decision to bring this great concept to Amarillo comes at a time when Korean food continues to gain more popularity among U.S. consumers. With a complexity of different flavors and cuisine largely comprised of proteins, vegetables, grains and assorted spices, Korean food is a great choice for the health-conscious and clean-eating consumer. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon,” said Nguyen. “I’m eager to bring Dae Gee’s great food, outstanding service, and overall dining experience to the people of Amarillo.”

The first store is supposed to open at 2207 S Western, Suite 20 & 30.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We had hoped to have this new restaurant open and serving up some good food however, it has yet to open or even show that anyone is moving into that location.

So what happened to Dae Gee?

We reached out to the company to find out what was going on.

Hello Lori and thank you for reaching out. Just letting you know that Amarillo is under construction and has some delays but hopefully later this year.

How will Dae Gee be different from Volcano?

Looking at the Dae Gee Menu online, they offer all-you-can-eat for $38 per person for dinner and $30 per person at lunch, which is about $10 more per person than Volcano.  However, Dae Gee offers other dishes instead of the all-you-can-eat if all-you-can-eat isn't what you or your party wants.

Fingers crossed that the first Dae Gee restaurant will be open by the end of 2023. In the meantime enjoy watching some great cuisine from Dae Gee, being cooked up on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  We're still waiting, Guy Fieri.

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