Now that Texas is "Open", the big question is when do we start seeing events start taking place?

I'm in no particular hurry, for my own reasons. I'd like to see more of my fellow Texans get whatever vaccine is available to them, but that's just me. Getting back to my first thought here, when do we start seeing shows? What are those crucial first events that get the ball rolling?

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Here in Bomb City have Motocross this weekend and Midland coming to Hodgetown in April. But how about something bigger? What about an event that would fill the local hotels and pump some money into the economy here in Amarillo? We're talking about a huge event... like really huge...

You need this guy:

UFC 249 Ferguson v Gaethje
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Someone get a hold of Dana White and have him bring in the UFC. Apparently Dana is already in a Texan state of mind as he was on record making remarks to the press earlier this week following the news that Governor Greg Abbott opened up the state.

"I want to go to Texas ASAP," White said. "I'll go in the next two, three weeks. I'm ready to roll. We'll be first. We'll open this thing up, we'll sell it out and be on our way."

And he's talking about UFC 260 which would happen later this month. ESPN Reports that Dallas is already out and looking at the state of things in Houston I don't think NRG Stadium or Minute Maid Park would really be ready to jump on board.

But hey. I got an idea.

How about Amarillo?! Sure we aren't Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin, but we're don't need to be. We don't have Jerry World or The Alamodome, but what we do have is a Civic Center that can hold a few thousand folks and honestly...  you would still have a crowd with people not just from here but driving in from all across the region. Even better, it would be a hot ticket with a commanding price because of the select number of seats available. For guys like Dana White, butts in seats and dollars in hand win at the end of the day.

Come on down Dana. We're ready for you. Just bring a good event card in that's all we ask.

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