Over the weekend, Darius Rucker surprised unknowing customer's at an IHop in Mount Pleasent, South Carolina.  In a story covered by news4sanantonio.com, workers at IHOP in Mount Pleasant stated that Rucker had paid for people's meals at the restaurant and tipped the servers.  While the amount of this good deed is not known. It was a definite surprise for those who were dining. Darius was not recognized because he was wearing a maks.  What an awesome gesture! Rucker usually stops in for a bite at this IHOP a few times a month.

As a server in Victoria for over 15 years, I have experienced many acts of kindness similar to this.  On one occasion, I did have one table pay for three other tables and left before they could be thanked.  While we are on the topic of generosity, the most generous tip I received was $315.00 on a bill that was around $600.00.

I have waited on AB Quintanilla (Selena's Brother) and Ben DeLeon (Lead Singer of Grammy Award Winning Tejano/Norteno Grupo Solido).  I mean when was the last time you saw Garth Brooks or Chris Pratt walking around the Crossroads? It is possible!  I mean, actor, Luke Wilson made a stop in Goliad for cream of jalapeno soup at Blue Quail Deli back in 2009.

If you ever happen to run into Darius in the Crossroads, do not call him Hootie. He does not like that!!

Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
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