Is one of those questions that you hear a lot this time of year.

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Every year in Texas the time changes twice.

In the early part of the year, the time springs forward, and at the last of the year we fall back.

Hence: Spring Forward, Fall Back

Daylight Saving Time was originally created in 1918 to utilize more natural light, thus conserving energy and giving people the chance to spend more time outdoors during daylight hours.

In 2005 the Energy Policy Act was created, which meant that each state in the United States could choose to follow Daylight Saving Time or opt out.

At this time Texas still follows Daylight Saving Time. However, in April the Texas House voted to stay on Daylight Saving Time permanently.   In order for it to become law it still has to pass the Texas Senate and be signed off on by Governor Abbott.

Texas will still fall back this year, and the time change will occur on November 5, 2023.

This is the time change that will give you and extra hour of sleep.  You'll be able to catch up on the ZZZ's.

Before you go to bed on Saturday, November 4th, set your clock back and hour.  Your phones and other digital items that connect to the internet or satellite should automatically change when that clock strikes 2 a.m., as another hour magically appears.

It will take about a week for most people to adjust to the new time.   So bear with those around you if they seem grumpy as their bodies adjust.

Luckily on this time change, if you forget to change your clocks, you will show up early to where you are going.

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