You may have noticed that the days are getting longer in Texas. From Amarillo to Laredo and El Paso to Texarkana, and every city in between we're moving toward more daylight.

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The hope of more light in the daytime is slowly teasing Texans.  As the sun starts to stay up longer and longer, it just means one thing, we are getting closer to the time change. The question has already been asked several times, When does the time change?

Daylight Saving Time starts on March 10, 2024

That means you will spring forward one hour.  Yes, unfortunately, you will lose an hour of sleep, and the change will throw your body off for at least 7 days, but you will get to enjoy more light.

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The days of it feeling like midnight at 5 pm will be gone for about 8 months until the time changes on November 3, 2024.

Many people dislike the time change that occurs in November because the sun starts to set as early as 5 pm. However, some individuals enjoy the darkness that accompanies this change. If you notice an increase in depression among people following the time change, it could be due to the lack of sunlight which can affect mood.

Why Can't We Just Stay on One or the Other?

Back in April 2023, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill to stay on Daylight Saving Time, which means we would stay on DST all the time, no more springing forward or falling back.  Texas would join 19 other states.  However, the bill has yet to move to stage 4 and that is in committee in the Texas Senate.

Another Bill was filed in January 2023,  HJR 80, proposing a constitutional amendment allowing voters to decide on the change. It was moved to state affairs, but that is as far as that has gone.

In the meantime, you can now rest easy knowing that more daylight is coming and it will begin on March 10th.

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